High Quality Edibles Available in Ohio

for your inner goddess

Goddess Growers brings to life high quality edibles in Ohio explicitly created with a natural path to wellness in mind. As one of the few women-owned cannabis brands in the state, our edibles are created to enhance your everyday journey.


Your journey to calm starts here

No need to allow the day’s stressors to disrupt your sense of peace. High quality CBD edibles and THC gummies from Goddess Growers are made with our proprietary blend of cannabinoids to keep you feeling calm whatever the day may bring.

Quality Edibles Start with Quality Weed.

It all begins with our locally grown plants.

High-quality cannabis edibles start with high-quality plants. Goddess Growers sources plants from the surrounding community—from farmers we know and appreciate. In addition, we choose plant cultivators with intention in terms of quality first, but also to support BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and woman-owned cannabis brands.

Infused with Terpenes and Flavonoids.

Our scientists ensure the best blend for a calm high that meets you where you are — every time.

Cannabinoids may set the stage, but terpenes and flavonoids create the much-needed nuances of the show. Our team of plant science experts pours their passion into creating superior cannabis extract blends for an easygoing high that complements your needs. Unlike other brands that eradicate flavonoids and terpenes during extraction, our edibles are infused with the Mother Elixir™, which contains all the natural goodness for a consistent experience.

THC Gummies for Energy and Focus.

Fast-acting, custom flavor blends that you’ll love.

Battling everything on your daily agenda can lead you in search of edibles that give you energy without leaving you lethargic or drowsy. Even the best Sativa gummies for energy can leave you fighting fatigue before your day is done. Goddess Growers THC gummies for energy and focus keep your mind sharp, your focus on track, and your to-do list front and center.

Your daily activities. Made calm.

Goddess Growers weed edibles are formulated to work more naturally with the body’s endocannabinoid system to enhance the senses, regulate stress, and keep you calm. Face every day with a balanced, calm mindset, and enjoy all your moments to the fullest.

Goddess Growers Proprietary Blends

As one of the few women owned cannabis companies in the state, we know exactly how important it is that weed edibles support your wellness journey without holding you back. Therefore, our THC gummies are all made with our unique, proprietary blend of cannabis extracts, known as the Mother Elixir™. Each custom-made gummy is fully tailored with terpenes and cannabinoids to deliver the experience you desire.

5 MG Edibles: includes mother elixir + 5mg THC + 5mg CBD + 1mg THCV 40 MG Edibles: Mother Elixir + 40mg THC + 40mg CBD

We think you’ll find, that your ‘calm’ was inside of you all along.

Let Goddess Growers elevate your moments, naturally, with the best edible gummies in OH. The calmness you’ve been seeking is within you, waiting to be unlocked, and we’ve got the key.





Your New Way to Unwind

With whomever, whenever.

Enjoy on your own while doing laundry or watching a movie, or enjoy with friends for a dinner party or game night.


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